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You now have access to an incredible Retirement Plan to help you put money away Tax Deferred or through Roth Contributions. We are here to answer questions and walk you through the process of enrolling. Below are some of the plan highlights:

  • Flexible and simple contribution options. (Monthly, quarterly, Ad hoc, end of year)
  • Access to traditional 401(k) Loan options. (Up to 50% of the Balance with $50,000 maximum)
  • Ability to Roll-Over any existing IRA or SEP into the plan
  • Ability to make Pre-Tax contributions AND/OR Roth contributions
  • *Ability to contribute up to $69,000 per year, (subject to income minimums)
  • Access to traditional 401(k) withdrawal benefits such as Hardship Distributions
  • A diverse cost-effective lineup featuring a variety of funds across asset classes and styles from Vanguard
  • Access to a Registered Advisor to assist in Full Financial and Estate Planning

The Basics


You can contribute up to $23,000 in 2024, provided you have earned income (6) to support your contribution. If you are age 50 or older, you may contribute an additional $7,500 in salary deferrals beyond the $23,000. This does not count toward the overall individual contribution limit of $69,000. The maximum deductible contribution amount varies, based upon corporate structure. We will work with your accountant to determine this on an annual basis.


With a 401(k) plan, you can take a loan of your vested account balance under the same guidelines available to large corporate plans. We will help you determine a loan policy that will establish guidelines (8) for all loan requests. Loan administration services are available under the service agreement. If your plan provides for loans, we will assist you by providing sample loan documents and administrative procedures. You can borrow against your vested account balances, according to rules set by the plan and tax regulations, with assistance from Ameritas.


Certain events such as retirement, death, disability or as otherwise provided in the plan document, qualify for a withdrawal.

GBP Realtor Retirement Plan

This is a simple, yet flexible, retirement plan that’s geared to small businesses like yours—those that employ only owners and their spouses. (1) GBP Solo(k) is funded by a group variable annuity contract issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. And it works for sole proprietors and partnerships, as well as corporations. The plan’s higher deferral limits and increased deductibility give you more opportunity to save so that one day you may be able to enjoy a fulfilling life in retirement.


For details and more information, please contact
Timothy Bonner
Senior Financial Advisor
Direct: 229-977-4903


  1. Please note that if your children are employed by your business, the business may not qualify for SMArt Solo(k).
  2. In accordance with U.S. Treasury regulations, ongoing and recurring contributions are required.
  3. Compensation levels are considered “earned income” for qualified plan purposes. Please consult your tax advisor for specific earned income calculations.
  4. Maximum plan compensation for 2024 is $345,000.
  5. These numbers are for illustration purposes only. Actual amounts may differ based on the individual’s salary and tax bracket.
  6. The plan sponsor’s accountant should be consulted for an earned income calculation.
  7. Ongoing and recurring contributions are required in order for the plan to maintain its qualified status.
  8. SIMPLE IRA assets are eligible for rollover if an employer terminates SIMPLE IRA.